Investor’s Business Daily Drops to Weekly in May

Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), a national daily newspaper aimed at investors, plans to print just once a week instead of five days a week starting May 2, 2016.

IBD was founded on April 9, 1984 by stockbroker and researcher William J. O’Neil. Originally known as Investor’s Daily, the paper changed its name to Investor’s Business Daily in 1991. The paper is best known for its charts of top performing companies and stories about fast-growing businesses nationwide. The paper intended to provide data and information not found in The Wall Street Journal and other business publications.

ibdCirculation was last reported as 157,161 in 2013. Since the paper was privately held, revenue was never announced but it was reportedly losing money each year or turning a small profit. The Internet now gives investors access to more financial data, news and charts in real-time than ever before.

Based out of Los Angeles, IBD says the new weekly edition will carry innovative and enhanced features to help investors prepare for the week ahead, while leveraging influential and powerful features like the IBD 50and The Big Picture.

The move comes as IBD further focuses on delivering real-time, actionable data and analysis to help subscribers thrive in today’s fast paced financial markets.  Resources devoted towards publishing in print five days per week will be reallocated to publishing more premium content across the mobile optimized site and through IBD’s premium digital subscription products.

“Our revamped strategy will allow our content creators to engage with subscribers and readers like never before and this underscores our mission of helping investors make more money in the markets,” according to Chris Gessel, Chief Content Officer.

As one of the first successful publishers to charge for digital content and install a pay-wall model in the early 2000’s, IBD has been at the forefront of providing subscribers with premiere financial content and investment analysis that can’t be found elsewhere.

Jerry Ferrara, President of IBD said, “Our business model transformation will provide subscribers with more diverse offerings while staying core to our mission and this provides further value to our partners and advertisers.  We are executing this strategy from a position of strength by providing customers with what they are seeking, and it will increase profitability along the way.”

IBD currently attracts over 4 million monthly unique visitors to its online destination site,, and publishes premium investment analysis products such as Leaderboard.  Several mobile-first product launches are scheduled within the next 12 months.