Dirty Laundry App Expands to East Village

NEW YORK — DirtyLaundry has opened up its doors (on its DirtyLaundry App) in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Now, residents of the East Village can let someone else do the dirty (laundry) work and enjoy more free time to do the more important things in life.

DirtyLaundry App is an on demand laundry and dry cleaning service. By downloading the free app, customers can place laundry orders directly from their smartphones. Your dirty laundry gets picked up (by a surprisingly pleasant and attractive agent), washed, folded, and delivered right back to your door. The turn around time to get the laundry can be as quick as 24 hours. Not only is it super convenient, but the quality is felt in each bag of laundry. Customers can select custom detergents, leave special instructions, or set delivery dates right from the DirtyLaundry App.

DirtyLaundry originally started offering its services in a handful of cities in Queens. Within a few months they had to doubled their staff to accommodate the great demand for their service. When asked about their explosive growth, co-founders Sergei Benyaminov and Roman Kaykov answered, “our growth is not just because of our great staff, quick turn around, chocolate and perks, but because we are providing a valuable service to our customers. We control the quality; everything is done in-house, without outsourcing. People HATE laundry day and we’re here to fix that problem.”

After many months of preparation, the DirtyLaundry service expanded into East Village (Zip Codes: 10009, 10002, 10003).

DirtyLaundry App is available on iTunes and Google Play. A $20 minimum order is required.

The company has a special promo code, 25% OFF, for you to win back your laundry day: DirtyNYC