Loft Debuts Comedy Short With Busy Phillipps

Women’s clothing chain LOFT is teaming up with actress Busy Philipps (Cougar Town, Freaks and Geeks) for the comedy short, “Spring is Here.” Philipps created the concept for the film, directed, and selected the writers and producers.

The short shows Busy welcoming spring in two phases: the preemptive rush to enjoy the beautiful weather and the daunting task of spring cleaning and organizing her closet.

“Busy’s brand of humor and easy-going sensibility is perfect for LOFT,” said Michelle Horowitz, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “She’s just so likable and fun to watch—we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

Philipps previously directed two shorts for the brand last fall: “First Day” and “Fall is Hot.” “Spring is Here” marks Philipps’ second time directing an independent project.

“It’s been really fun to work with a brand that melds so well with my own sense of humor, so I was excited to collaborate with LOFT again,” Philipps said. “I feel like most people can relate to these themes of spring—poking fun at them was a lot of fun.”

LOFT is a division of Ann Inc. and has over 500 stores in Canada, Mexico and in over 46 US states.