Lokafy Launches Local Tours in NYC

Lokafy, a travel startup connecting travelers with locals for authentic, off the beaten path tours, has recently launched in New York City. Canadian entrepreneur, Kiran Samra, founded Lokafy in 2013 to enrich the experiences of travelers worldwide.

348587“Launching in New York is the ideal next step for Lokafy as there is a real need for Lokafy there since many people feel overwhelmed by the scale of the city,” says Kiran Samra, Founder. “New York is so much more than a lot of tall buildings and key landmarks, it is the people that make the city what it is. There are so many people there striving to make it in so many domains—whether it be dance or investment banking or a startup. I want travelers to be able to tap into that energy and feel what it’s like to live there by getting to know a local.”

Lokafy tours have already launched in two other international travel destinations, Toronto and Paris. The 26 locals, or ‘Lokafyers’ in NYC add to the 55 in Paris and 48 in Toronto. Lokafy’s services are expanding to New York City because there is a niche to be filled in big cities where it’s difficult to step off the beaten tourist path.

New York’s team of Lokafyers is an array of interesting characters including artists, musicians, writers and even an attorney, who all have a unique side of the city to share.

Tour pricing starts at $15.00 per person, per hour for groups and $25.00 per hour for solo travelers. The minimum tour length is two hours.

“As a lifelong New Yorker I find it great fun to show people around my city,” says Beth Zagoria, NYC Lokafyer. “My two greatest passions are art and fashion. I pride myself on knowing the ins and outs of the city – the latest, the greatest, the most unique.”

Travelers select locals from their profiles on Lokafy.com and connect with them based on similar interests. From architecture nerds and history buffs to foodies and nightlife experts, Lokafy provides a platform to connect travelers with a city in the most important way—its people.