McDonald’s Introduces New Salad Blend

TN-43019_1606006McD_SaladMcDonald’s has added a new salad blend in its line-up of salads, which will now include red leaf lettuce and curls of crisp carrots starting in early-June. The two new ingredients create a delicious mixture with the blend of chopped romaine, baby spinach and baby kale. McDonald’s new salad blend is packed with vibrant colors and consists of ingredients that feature bold and savory flavors.

To build a new salad blend, McDonald’s culinary and supply chain teams traveled to the fields of some of its lettuce suppliers, learning how the leaves are harvested and how suppliers maintain consistent growing techniques, which contributes to the flavor and quality of the fresh sun-ripened lettuce leaves. Warm, sunny days and cool nights are optimal for lettuces and the vast majority are harvested in Salinas Valley in California during the summer and Yuma, Arizona during the winter from farms, many of which have generations of experience.

McDonald’s restaurants receive produce 2-3 times each week and salads are freshly prepared every morning in the kitchen to ensure peak quality.

McDonald’s has a culinary team composed of nutritionists, registered dietitians, and chefs who work to understand what customers want and then make sure the company delivers. In this case, customers told McDonald’s they didn’t want iceberg lettuce in their salads and favored a more colorful salad bowl. In 2015, the company made the change from iceberg lettuce to a salad blend of premium lettuces, including romaine and on-trend ingredients of baby kale and baby spinach.

“Color in produce is an expression of different nutrients,” said Jessica Foust, McDonald’s Chef and Registered Dietitian. “The new salad blend offers at least 2.5 cups of vegetables.”