MTV Study Says Sanders Supporters Will Vote for Clinton

NEW YORK -– MTV unveiled new research indicating that a majority (57 percent) of Millennials aged 18-34 who currently support Senator Bernie Sanders, “Sandennials,” will vote for Secretary Hillary Clinton if Sanders drops out of the race.  Of those remaining Millennial Sanders supporters who will not vote for Clinton, 22 percent will write someone in, 18 percent will not vote and 3 percent will vote for Donald Trump.  The news was released as part of MTV’s ongoing “Elect This” ( campaign to help its audience connect with the issues that matter to them in an election season dominated by personalities over policy, and scandal over substance.

Hillary Clinton officially clinched the Democratic nomination with wins in New Jersey and California yesterday.

Additional major insights from MTV’s ongoing election research revealed that almost all, an overwhelming 96 percent, of Millennial Sanders’ supporters surveyed feel that Bernie Sanders and his message will impact this election even if he’s not the Democratic nominee.  Furthermore, they believe Sanders left an indelible mark on his supporters with 93 percent saying, “he started a movement, not a campaign,” 90 percent saying, “Sanders’ campaign made me care about this election” and perhaps most importantly, 79 percent revealing, “Sanders made me care about politics.”

While support for Hillary among Millennial Bernie supporters remains strong, close to a third (30 percent) of Millennials from the study indicated they want a third party candidate to enter the race.

MTV longitudinal data shows that they are more engaged in 2016 versus the last Presidential election with 87 percent of 18-29 year old agreeing “this election is really important to my generation” vs. 75 percent of 18-29 year olds in 2012.  In addition, MTV found young people to be making this election more of a priority with only 37 percent saying “I’m too busy with other thing to pay attention to the election” versus a significantly higher 55 percent in 2012, and only 35 percent of respondents citing “I don’t know enough about the candidates to have an opinion” versus 50 percent in 2012.

MTV’s original research is conducted through a series of nationally representative quantitative surveys of 500 Millennials ages 18-34, as well as a nationally representative sample of 200 Gen X members (ages 35-50) and 200 Boomers (ages 51-70).