Barclays Extends Leave Policy for US Employees

NEW YORK — Investment bank Barclays has announced enhancements to its US Leave of Absence policy for childcare and military leave. The move is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to help employees successfully integrate their professional and personal lives.

Joe McGrath, CEO, Barclays Americas, said, “We recognize the importance of our people in the continued success of Barclays and these enhancements support our culture of building a flexible work environment.”

Yun Chung, Head of Human Resources, Barclays Americas, added, “We are constantly looking at ways to improve our benefits so that our employees can bring their best to work and practice dynamic working that integrates with employees’ personal needs.”

Childcare Leave (Non-primary)

Beginning August 1, 2016, eligible non-primary caregivers will be entitled to six weeks of paid leave following their child’s birth, adoption or foster care placement. This non-primary caregiver leave may be taken in two segments within one year of the event. Non-primary caregivers currently receive one week of paid leave.

Childcare Leave (Primary)

From August 1, 2016, newly eligible primary caregivers will now have the flexibility of taking the leave in two segments within one year of the event. Eligible primary caregivers currently receive 16 weeks of paid leave to be taken in one continuous period.

Military Leave

Beyond parental leave, Barclays is extending support to employees who are called to active duty military service. Eligible employees will now receive 100% of their Barclays pay, less any military pay offset, for up to five years while under an approved Military Leave.