ABC News Launches New Apps

ABC News has launched new apps for iPhone, Android and Apple TV, along with a new homepage that includes expanded capabilities that enhance the user experience across every screen. Product highlights include prominent placement of video, an amplified live multi-stream offering that supports up to 8 simultaneous streams and even more sophisticated cross platform alerts that provide for greater personalization.

Launching ahead of the Republican and Democractic conventions, ABC News introduces a Special Event feature for mobile and web, with a unique design that brings text, video, photo, and live updates front-and-center during major events and breaking news.

New highlights for each product include:

ABC News App for iOS and Android
– Live tab: An immersive live video-only section features up to 8 simultaneous streams in an easily scrollable format – Enhanced Alerts: Personalization by location and content preferences live alongside a highly customizable Alerts feed – In-line video: Video autostarts in “Quiet Watch” mode as a user scrolls through content feeds – Listen tab: Includes a continually updated ABC News Radio audio stream, as well as podcasts from ABC News programs and originals including “Powerhouse Politics” and “10% Happier with Dan Harris”

ABC News App on Apple TV
– Live multi-stream experience: New functionality allows users to watch multiple live streams at once; users can access up to 8 live streams directly from the top shelf of the Apple TV Home screen. – App launches directly into video: With either VOD or Live video, launching the app delivers a next-gen TV feel that helps users stay informed with breaking news and coverage of events around the world – Local Markets: App auto detects location and delivers news from the nearest local station; App currently supports up to 30 markets, including 8 owned stations; – Curated Playlists: Highly curated content for the OTT audience with a topical focus on trending topics, original series, and the best of ABC News on-air programming – Exclusive tvOS design: Builds on two years of OTT development experience, creating an advanced tvOS-only user interface

ABC News Homepage

– Web alerts: The personalization and customization of alerts once only found in phone apps is now available on the web, including both breaking news and personalized alerts – Live video bar: Supports up to 8 simultaneous livestreams – Highly impactful, responsive design: Developed with a mobile-first sensibility to feature beautiful images and video content alongside traditional headline formats