Meadows Office Interiors Partners with ChargeSpot

Meadows Office Interiors_ChargeSpotNEW YORK — Meadows Office Interiors, a contract furniture dealer, has formed a partnership with ChargeSpot Wireless Power Inc., the Toronto-based provider of wireless charging solutions for enterprise offices and commercial spaces. Meadows is the first ChargeSpot dealer to hold preferred status within the New York City market. With an increased focus on technology, Meadows is now adding ChargeSpot to their collection of floor-to-ceiling workplace capabilities including a myriad of furniture products, architectural walls, raised access flooring, sound masking, digital collaboration tools and more.

Meadows Office Interiors creates innovative workspaces that are strategically designed to help customers improve business performance, increase collaboration, realize cost efficiencies and build brand recognition.

As mobile device functionality continues to increase, smartphones have revolutionized work processes and transformed how employees complete daily tasks. According to the Pew Research Center, the regular use of mobile devices increases productivity at the office by more than five hours per week. By providing a wireless charging solution for the workplace, Meadows Office Interiors helps solve one of the biggest problems faced by mobile users – battery life. While phone batteries struggle to keep up with the increased usage required by personal and work lives, ChargeSpot helps keep employees productive by staying connected and powered when they need it most.

Perfect for boardrooms, workstations, and common spaces, ChargeSpot is conveniently installed beneath table surfaces to create a wireless charging spot while maintaining the structural and aesthetic integrity of the furniture. In addition, wireless charging through magnetic induction has proven to be extremely effective, charging devices at 90% the speed of a typical charging cable.

As a ChargeSpot preferred dealer, Meadows Office Interiors can provide customers the added benefits of end-to-end installation and maintenance services, key support directly from the manufacturer, and earliest access to new products, including upcoming ChargeSpot solutions for tablets and laptops.