Clinton Lead Over Trump Shrinks

The race for the Presidency is getting tighter according to the latest poll from Reuters/Ipsos. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton holds a narrow lead over Republican contender Donald Trump of 40%-39% among likely voters. This was down 7 percentage points from last week.

Clinton’s lead is similar in the 4-way ballot including Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein. Clinton still leads among likely voters by 2 points (Clinton 40%; Trump 38%; Johnson 6%; and Stein 2%) and among registered voters by 5 points (Clinton 40%; Trump 35%; Johnson 7%; and Stein 3%).

Favorability scores for Donald Trump have improved slightly over the past week by just a point with 44% of registered voters viewing him favorably, up from 43% last week. Hillary maintains a slight favorability score lead from last week with 46% of registered voters viewing her unfavorably and 54% favorably.

Trump has had a busy week visiting the President of Mexico and also attending a black church in Detroit. Clinton has been rather quiet and dodging questions about her e-mail controversy and aide Huma Abedin, who left husband Anthony Weiner after another texting scandal earlier this week.