Katalyst Completes Purchase of Donor Point Marketing

NEW YORK — Katalyst Partners Inc (KPI), a full-service direct marketing agency based in NY, has completed the acquisition of fundraising specialist Donor Point Marketing. The deal adds nonprofit expertise to the growing footprint of Katalyst, while bringing a range of data and digital marketing capabilities to Donor Point clients. Former parent EU Services divested Donor Point to focus on its core direct mail production business.

KPI is led by industry veteran Bob Petisi, former CEO of Marketing Corporation of America and Thomson-Reuters’ DBM division. The agency has already acquired boutique firms O2 Agency and Professional Direct (PDM&M), and attracted several direct marketing stalwarts, with an eye toward leveraging data to improve brand experiences and sales results for commercial and nonprofit clients. As part of the acquisition, Donor Point employees will be given the opportunity to relocate to KPI’s New York City headquarters.

“We’re redefining the role of data in direct marketing,” said Petisi. “We understand how to translate clients’ huge data feeds into strategies and campaigns that drive leads and conversion, whether that’s a sale or a donation. We look forward to delivering powerful analytics and cross-channel digital marketing capabilities for Donor Point clients.”