Industrious Lands $37 Million Investment

BROOKLYN — Industrious, a Brooklyn-based workspace provider, has closed a $37 million Series B round, led by Riverwood Capital. The new investment will finance the continued expansion of Industrious’ high-end, hospitality-focused coworking locations to 12 new cities in addition to the 11 cities it currently serves.

“Industrious creates stunning workspaces that are warm and engaging,” said Jamie Hodari, CEO and cofounder of Industrious, “we provide the hospitality people deserve in the place they least expect it, which has proven to be a powerful offering in a world where impersonal and unpleasant office experiences are the norm.”

Industrious locations house some of the country’s most recognizable companies, such as Hyatt, Spotify, and Pinterest. In the past year, Industrious has seen a spike in demand for its hospitality-focused, premium coworking spaces, leading to 5-times year-over-year growth in revenue.

As large and small businesses are facing a more dynamic business environment and an increasingly competitive market for talent, companies across the country are turning to Industrious to help them deliver the inspiring workplaces they need to stay competitive. Today, Industrious serves thousands of members in 11 cities, 92% of whom report feeling more productive after having joined Industrious.

“At Industrious, we treat our members the way the world’s best hotels and restaurants treat their guests,” said Rachael Gursky, Head of Hospitality at Industrious. “Doing this in a thoughtful way results in very satisfied, loyal customers.”

Industrious was founded in 2013 by Jamie Hodari and Justin Stewart. Industrious currently has co-working spaces in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh and St. Louis.