Quio Raises $1.05 Million Seed Round

NEW YORK — QuiO (kwee-oh), a digital healthcare company developing smart injection devices and connected cloud-based software for the clinical trial and chronic disease market, has closed a $1.05 million seed round.  The round was led by undisclosed investors with expertise in the health insurance, pharmaceutical and clinical research industries.

“With over 15 million Americans prescribed an injectable therapy today, we see a large and growing need for a comprehensive drug delivery and adherence monitoring solution,” says Alex Dahmani, co-founder and CEO of QuiO.  “Injectable therapies, including biologics and biosimilars, represent the future of medicine, making up nearly half of the pharmaceutical pipeline. These are amazing therapies, and our technology is designed to help them reach their full potential.  We may even help move cancer therapies out of the clinic, enabling patients to safely treat themselves at home.”

QuiO is developing the first real-time adherence monitoring solution for injectable therapies.  The solution is powered by a fully connected drug delivery device platform.  The company’s Smartinjector devices are designed to make self-injection easy and reliable for patients, preventing common mistakes and ensuring the full dose is delivered.

Each Smartinjector records injection performance, and wirelessly communicates data to the company’s cloud-based software platform. The HIPAA-compliant platform includes a secure web dashboard with analytics and communication tools that enable caregivers to remotely monitor dosing activity and deliver timely support to patients in need.  The platform also collects data from 3rd party devices, including weight scales, activity trackers and glucose meters, providing a holistic and continuous view of each patient’s health outside of the clinic.

The company was founded in 2014.