Wall Street Journal to Trim Paper and Staff

wsj_a1_thumbnailThe Wall Street Journal, the nation’s leading business newspaper, plans to cut staff and introduce a trimmed-down version of its print publication beginning on Monday, November 14.

Hit hard by declining advertising, The Journal will reduce its Greater New York section from six pages to two pages and place the pages inside the A section of the paper instead of a stand-alone section.

The new version of the print Journal will feature just two bigger sections on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a third section on Mondays and Fridays. The weekend edition of the paper will remain unchanged.

The paper plans to combine the Business & Tech and Money & Investing sections into one section in an effort to save on production costs.

Additionally, the Personal Journal and Arena sections, which focus on lifestyle, art, sports and culture coverage, will be combined into a new section called Life & Arts, which will become part of the A section of the paper.

The Journal said it will continue to publish Journal Reports and Mansion as separate sections on Monday and Friday, respectively.

The Greater New York section was created by The Journal in 2010 and covered Arts, Sports, Culture and Real Estate in New York. The section will now only have two pages each day and focus on life and business stories in New York. An unknown number of staffers responsible for Greater New York will lose their jobs.

The Journal offered buyouts to all members of the editorial staff last week and 48 have reportedly applied and were accepted.