Trump Wins Despite Loss in NY State

Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States following a stunning victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton Tuesday night.

Trump won 279 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218 votes according to The NY Times. Results don’t include Michigan and Arizona which were leaning Trump and not complete.

The NY real estate developer and reality TV star had close victories in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin which helped him clinch the election.

But in his hometown of New York State, the results were a different story. Clinton won 58.7% of the NY State vote to 37.5% for Trump with 97% of precincts reporting.

In New York County, which covers Manhattan and where Trump lives, Clinton crushed Trump with 85.9% of the vote to just 9.8%.

Clinton also prevailed in the popular vote with 59,313,548 votes compared to 59,146,310 for Trump according to the AP with 98% of the country’s precincts reporting. Clinton is the first candidate since Al Gore in 2000 to win the national popular vote but still lose the election due to electoral college.