Galvanize Gets $1.3 Million for NYC Expansion

Galvanize Inc., a tech-education community, has been awarded $1.3 million in funding from the State of New York as an incentive to bring Galvanize to New York City and the State of New York. The funding is made available through the State’s Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) 2016 Awards, and will be used to support Galvanize’s East Coast expansion.

Galvanize teaches web development, data science and data engineering to students, offers support and workspace to member companies and provides over 200 networking events across nine urban campuses throughout the nation.

“Our core mission,” said Galvanize CEO Jim Deters, “is to give anyone who has the aptitude and ability for the rigors of our program, access to the latest in tech education and to the network of support they will need to acquire a fulfilling job in the 21st century economy. Our mission is in harmony with the State and City’s commitment to create opportunities for upward mobility. We are grateful to Governor Cuomo and the Empire State Development board. We see this grant as not only an investment in Galvanize, but also in the future of New York. We look forward to being a partner with the City and the State in building that future.”

Galvanize was selected as part of a competitive application process through New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s yearly REDC investment and economic development process. The New York City (NYC) REDC chose Galvanize as a regional economic development priority because the campus will help advance the City’s Opportunity Agenda.

The Opportunity Agenda is a regionally specific, strategic economic development plan to foster opportunities for “upward mobility for the nearly 21% of the region’s population living below the federal poverty level” through workforce development. The Agenda is especially mindful of math, technology, engineering and science skills that are critical to success in the new economy. The NYC REDC is comprised of local experts from private, public, and non-profit organizations.

Galvanize will use the funding to help finance the renovation of a 55,000-square-foot space that will accommodate its workshops, co-working space for tech startups and pending approval by the State of New York its immersive tech-education training programs.

Galvanize, based in Denver, offers technical training in web development and data science. Across its existing six campuses around the country, Galvanize Web Development Immersive grads have a 91% job placement rate and $77,000 average starting salary; Data Science grads have a 92% job placement rate and $111,000 average starting salary. Galvanize will open in New York City in 2017, and upon approval from the State, will train students for careers in tech.