Trello App Bought for $425 Million

SAN FRANCISCOAtlassian Corporation Plc (NASDAQ:TEAM), a provider of team collaboration and productivity software, has agreed to acquire Trello, a NY-based developer of a work collaboration app with more than 19 million registered users, for $425 million.

Trello has pioneered an intuitive, visual system that solves the challenge of capturing and adding structure to fluid, fast-forming work for teams. The service has been rapidly adopted in more than 100 countries around the world by a wide range of teams, from disaster relief agencies in the U.K. to a cafe in Brazil. The acquisition will expand Atlassian’s leadership in powering all types of teamwork, and adds a new collaboration service – popular with business teams – to the company’s enterprise-grade project tracking (JIRA), content (Confluence) and communication (HipChat) products used by more than 65,000 organizations in 170 countries.

The deal to buy Trello is worth $425 million, which is made up of $360 million in cash and the remainder in Atlassian shares and options.

“Atlassian knows more about how teams work than any company on the planet, which is why our collaboration suite powers teams of all shapes and sizes, from bleeding-edge startups to the Fortune 50,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian’s co-Founder and co-CEO. “There is no silver bullet for teamwork. Teams have diverse ways of working and require a broad set of tools that adapt to their specific needs. Trello has built an incredibly sticky and useful product for organizing nearly any type of information simply and quickly. The addition of Trello will be a great complement to our existing portfolio of team collaboration software as we look to reach the 1 billion knowledge workers globally.”

Trello is one of the fastest growing cloud collaboration services, nearly doubling its registered users to 19 million over the past year. Its simple versatility does for the new era of team productivity what Microsoft Excel did for the previous era of individual productivity. Similar to how Excel’s powerful simplicity was applied to everything from shopping lists to Fortune 100 financial models, Trello is reshaping how a wide variety of information is organized and shared between teams from the United Nations and Red Cross to Google, Fender Music, John Deere and National Geographic.

Through virtual ‘sticky notes’ and digital whiteboards for organization and prioritization of work, Trello’s easy-to-use software has proven especially popular with business teams, including Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing and Sales. More than 50 percent of Trello’s users work in non-technical functions, and the versatility of Trello extends well beyond office walls, providing a tool for personal as well as professional projects.

“We share Atlassian’s mission of unleashing the power of all teams. As part of Atlassian, we will accelerate our efforts and continue to champion teams everywhere,” said Michael Pryor, Trello’s CEO. “Atlassian’s deep investments in research and development will help augment Trello’s product offering. And the broader team collaboration portfolio Trello will integrate with will let us help customers in new and exciting ways.”