Saab to Invest in NYS Business

SYRACUSE — Saab, a Swedish aerospace and defense contractor, has signed an agreement with New York State (NYS) to develop Saab’s business in the United States and expand its local presence in the state.

Saab will invest in its U.S. defense subsidiary, Saab Defense and Security USA, to drive technology transfers, improve facilities, and grow its organic engineering, research, development, testing and production capabilities. Additionally, Saab Defense and Security USA’s official headquarters will relocate to its East Syracuse-based office.

NYS will provide Saab with several incentives aimed at supporting Saab’s efforts, which are expected to further stimulate industrial growth and create new jobs within Saab’s New York-based subsidiaries.

“Saab is committed to New York and Syracuse, and this investment will benefit all involved,” said Michael Andersson, Head of Market Area North America for Saab. “NYS will experience an influx of technology and job growth, and Saab will continue to develop our capabilities and expand our U.S. footprint. Ultimately, our customers will also benefit from the added availability of new products and solutions generated through this agreement.”

Headquartered in Syracuse, Saab has business units and local employees in four states and Washington, DC. Saab Defense and Security USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saab Group.