Sportscaster Dick Stockton Launches Podcast

A-Rod provides revealing insights into his life, legacy and lessons learned. “It took me four months to build up the courage to tell my daughters about my mistakes,” Rodriguez says in the podcast episode. “Looking back, the suspension [from baseball for the 2014 season] was a pivotal turning point in my life.” A-Rod has two young daughters, Natasha and Ella.

“You don’t need to be defined by your mistakes; it’s how you handle them,” added A-Rod. “I feel like I’m still rounding first base.”

Rodriguez also discusses his legacy in the game, his experience as a sports commentator on Fox, and who he admires today in Major League Baseball.

In the preview episode of “Stockton,” ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap turns the tables on Stockton, and interviews the sportscaster on his storied career, providing a unique and detailed look at one of the most distinctive voices in sports broadcasting.

The “Stockton!” podcast ( brings a thinking man’s depth to podcasting with humor and curiosity. Listeners will get a fresh perspective on core issues affecting sports, its fans, the teams, the athletes and even the weekend warriors. “Stockton!” also will offer listeners behind-the-scenes peeks of how broadcasts come together and share the microphone with some of today’s sports legends. The podcast will present stories and newsmakers from different angles never before probed in a public forum.

As one of the most distinctive voices on the airwaves, Dick Stockton has been named one of the 50 top sportscasters of all time and is a member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He has had a unique front-row seat to the major sporting events and sports stories of our time. He has called the shots from the Olympics, World Series, NBA Finals and a wide range of historic sports moments for CBS, NBC, Fox and Turner. He has interviewed and gotten to know the greats and other personalities in ways that transcend what the average fan sees and hears.

“Most of my career I’ve been behind the microphone doing play-by-play of so many events in so many sports,” says Stockton. “Now I have the opportunity to share my views on not only what’s happening currently, along with the perspective of over four decades of experience in sports, but the ancillary aspects as well.”

The venture represents the latest addition to CRN International’s fast-growing portfolio of podcasts under the Collisions brand, whose shows have all appeared in iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section and whose audience sizes represent the upper echelon of some 300,000 podcasts. Other Collisions podcasts include: “Distraction,” hosted by New York Times best-selling author and leading psychiatrist Dr. Edward Hallowell; the “Car and Driver Podcast,” in partnership with the editors of Car and Driver magazine; “The Official Sasquatch! Festival Podcast,” a Live Nation music festival; and “Just the Right Book! Podcast,” hosted by Roxanne Coady from leading independent bookseller R.J. Julia.

CRN, which for decades has produced thousands of radio campaigns on radio stations throughout the country for hundreds of leading consumer brands, will work with Stockton to create, produce and distribute the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and many other podcast outlets.