Thai Meal Kit Delivery Service Launches in NY

NEW YORK — A new meal delivery service company is launching in New York City, Thai Direct, which calls itself the first authentic Thai meal kit company.

Thai Direct is bringing authentic Thai fresh ingredients and recipes serving homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Now home chefs can cook homemade Thai meals and enjoy the authentic Thai food experience without the trouble of finding Thai ingredients, such as fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, Thai chili peppers, Thai holy basil, etc., which are rarely available at typical supermarkets or grocery stores. Dishes available include Pad Thai and Tom Yum Soup.

Unlike other home delivery meal services, meal kits or ready-to-cook companies that offer a broad range of cuisines, Thai Direct offers authentic Thai cuisine exclusively and delivers all-inclusive fresh ingredients with quick recipes straight to your door. They pre-prep certain ingredients and make their own special sauces for all recipes so that the meals can be delicious and ready in less than 20 minutes. Customers enjoy the homemade Thai meals and Thai cooking experience. “Everything was fresh and delicious. It was super fun to make it ourselves,” says Christian T. of Brooklyn, NY, one of Thai Direct’s customers.

Thai Direct’s recipes, curated by authentic Thai chefs, are in the form of hard copies as well as online recipes and cooking videos. They offer various Thai green curry recipes, red curry recipes, massaman curry recipes, chicken breast recipes, shrimp recipes, noodle recipes, beef recipes, rice recipes and easy vegan recipes.

The Thai home meal kits’ starting price is $19.99 for two with customizable protein options. Customers can choose to buy one meal at a time or subscribe for 4 meals on a weekly or biweekly basis. All meals are gluten-free. In addition, Thai Direct offers freshly made frozen Thai rice for two – microwave ready in 3 minutes – with coconut rice options (rice cooked with coconut milk). Customers can add frozen rice to their meal kits or purchase and enjoy them on their own.