Outfront Billboards Display Live NCAA Scores

NEW YORK —¬†OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT) has formed a partnership with CBS and Turner Broadcasting to display real-time 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament scores to its digital billboards across the nation.

Leveraging its live feed technology, OUTFRONT Media is displaying near real-time game scores at commuter rails, bus stations and digital screens to residents across various U.S. regions including New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas and Washington D.C.

“Thanks to the partnership with CBS and Turner Broadcasting, March Madness fans can stay up to date as they get from ‘Point A to Point B’ for the duration of the tournament,” said Jodi Senese, OUTFRONT Media’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re excited to be leveraging our live feed platform to display on-the-go game updates, and showcase the power of our integrated technology. This partnership highlights just the beginning of what’s possible with OUTFRONT’s platform in today’s digital age.”

As the billboard industry continues its digital transformation, OUTFRONT is developing new technological capabilities, giving advertisers the power to innovate through live feed, full motion video functionality, mobile integrations, interactive displays and more.

OUTFRONT was formerly known as CBS Outdoor.