Jetty Provides Insurance for Renters, Condo Owners

NEW YORK —¬†Jetty is a new insurance provider that debuted this week. The startup is launching in multiple states to provide city dwellers a suite of insurance products and services that fit the needs of their modern lifestyle.

Jetty helps consumers get into the apartments they want with ease and protects them, and their belongings, once they’re in. The company offers a variety of traditional insurance products, as well as Jetty Passport, a suite of unique renters services which help tenants obviate requirements like posting a security deposit or finding a guarantor. Rather than taking a traditional industry approach and hoping that customers will “set it and forget it,” Jetty adds further value through proprietary partnerships and member benefits available to its customers.

Jetty’s insurance plans are now available in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Georgia; Jetty Passport is now available in Pennsylvania, Illinois,Georgia, New Jersey, and Florida, with plans for expansion for all offerings throughout the year. No word on when the NY company will begin selling insurance in the Empire State.

Jetty has raised $4 million to date in Seed funding from a strategic group of investors, including Ribbit Capital, Box Group, Social Capital, SV Angel, Red Swan, MetaProp NYC and Solon Mack Capital.

The entire Jetty experience, from initial sign-up and filing claims, to protecting valuables and personal electronics, is completed through an intuitive, paperless experience on Jetty has partnered with Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurer ($275 billion in assets), to provide financial support for the company’s products.

¬†Starting plans provide base coverage features such as: protection for members’ personal property and belongings (property coverage); reimbursement for injuries to others or damage to their property (liability coverage); reimbursement for alternate accommodations (loss of use coverage); and reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by others (medical payments coverage).

Jetty Power-Ups allow members to enhance their standard insurance plans with additional, √† la carte features to better fit their needs, such as protecting valuable, high-ticket items. Power-Ups categories include jewelry, designer handbags and shoes, personal electronics (smartphones, laptops, tablets), music and audio gear, wine collections, artwork, bicycles, and more. Additionally, Jetty customers who rent out their apartment on services like Airbnb can protect their residence and property from unfortunate mishaps not covered by the renting service. All Jetty users receive the Jetty “bed bugs” Power-Up, which helps offset the cost of an exterminator for victims of bed bugs. Power-Ups are activated quickly and easily at any time on