MLB Releases 2017 Draft Order

Major League Baseball will hold the 2017 MLB Draft on Monday, June 12th at MLB Network’s Studio 42 in Secaucus, New Jersey. This year’s Draft will begin live on MLB Network and at 7:00 p.m. (ET).

The selection order of the Draft is determined by the reverse order of finish at the close of the previous championship season. For the third time in team history, the Minnesota Twins will have the first overall selection of the Draft. In 2001, Minnesota drafted six-time All-Star, three-time American League batting champion and 2009 AL Most Valuable Player Joe Mauer with the top overall selection. The Twins also held the first overall pick in 1983, when they selected pitcher Tim Belcher, though he did not sign.

The NY Yankees select 16th in the first round and the NY Mets will have the 20th pick.
The Toronto Blue Jays (22nd and 28th), the Texas Rangers (26th and 29th) and the Chicago Cubs (27th and 30th) each have two selections in the first round. The Houston Astros (15th, 53rd, 56th and 75th) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (12th, 42nd, 50th and 72nd) each have a Major League-best four selections within the first 75 picks during the first day of the Draft.

The Draft will once again feature Competitive Balance Rounds, which were originally agreed upon as a part of the 2012-2016 Basic Agreement between MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association, and restructured as part of the 2017-2021 Basic Agreement. The Competitive Balance Rounds give Clubs with the lowest revenues and in the smallest markets an additional draft pick each year. Six teams were awarded CB Round A picks, and eight teams were given CB Round B picks. The groups of teams in each of the CB Rounds will alternate each year through 2021.

The Draft will have 40 rounds, and a Club may pass on its selection in any round and not forfeit its right to participate in other rounds. The 2017 Draft will span three days as it has since 2009. For day one on June 12th, Round 1 and Competitive Balance Round A will air exclusively on MLB Network and Beginning with the first pick in Round 2 and continuing through Competitive Balance Round B, the Draft will air live exclusively on

Here is the order for the First Round of the MLB draft and includes the pick value for teams at that spot.

  • 1 Minnesota Twins

    Pick value: $7,770,700

  • 2 Cincinnati Reds

    Pick value: $7,193,200

  • 3 San Diego Padres

    Pick value: $6,668,100

  • 4 Tampa Bay Rays

    Pick value: $6,153,600

  • 5 Atlanta Braves

    Pick value: $5,707,300

  • 6 Oakland Athletics

    Pick value: $5,303,000

  • 7 Arizona Diamondbacks

    Pick value: $5,016,300

  • 8 Philadelphia Phillies

    Pick value: $4,780,400

  • 9 Milwaukee Brewers

    Pick value: $4,570,000

  • 10 Los Angeles Angels

    Pick value: $4,376,800

  • 11 Chicago White Sox

    Pick value: $4,199,200

  • 12 Pittsburgh Pirates

    Pick value: $4,032,000

  • 13 Miami Marlins

    Pick value: $3,875,800

  • 14 Kansas City Royals

    Pick value: $3,727,600

  • 15 Houston Astros

    Pick value: $3,588,200

  • 16 New York Yankees

    Pick value: $3,458,600

  • 17 Seattle Mariners

    Pick value: $3,333,200

  • 18 Detroit Tigers

    Pick value: $3,214,600

  • 19 San Francisco Giants

    Pick value: $3,101,700

  • 20 New York Mets

    Pick value: $2,994,500

  • 21 Baltimore Orioles

    Pick value: $2,892,400

  • 22 Toronto Blue Jays

    Pick value: $2,795,200

  • 23Los Angeles Dodgers

    Pick value: $2,702,700

  • 24 Boston Red Sox

    Pick value: $2,614,500

  • 25 Washington Nationals

    Pick value: $2,530,400

  • 26 Texas Rangers

    Pick value: $2,450,100

  • 27 Chicago Cubs

    Pick value: $2,373,300

  • 28 Toronto Blue Jays (Compensation for Edwin Encarnacion, who signed with the Indians. Cleveland forfeited its first-round pick.)

    Pick value: $2,302,900

  • 29 Texas Rangers (Compensation for Ian Desmond, who signed with the Rockies. Colorado forfeited its first-round pick.)

    Pick value: $2,238,900

  • 30 Chicago Cubs (Compensation for Dexter Fowler, who signed with the Cardinals. St. Louis forfeited its first-round pick.)

    Pick value: $2,184,300