NYC Ferry Surpasses 1 Million Riders Since May 1

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that more than one million riders have been served by NYC Ferry since launching May 1. He also announced the fourth NYC Ferry route, connecting Astoria, Long Island City, Roosevelt Island, 34th Street and Wall Street, will launch Tuesday, August 29, the week before Labor Day Weekend.

“It’s been less than three months and NYC Ferry has already served one million riders. As we prepare to launch the Astoria route, we continue to add capacity to this brand new and wildly popular system – one that connects transit-starved neighborhoods and commuters to jobs and the wider city,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Based on preliminary ridership projections, NYC Ferry was not anticipated to hit one million riders until August 23 – and will hit that today. Responding to the huge demand, the City already announced NYC Ferry is adding capacity to three of its 20 boats. The larger vessels will have bigger engines and hold up to 249 passengers, compared to 149 seats on the standard boats.

Based on preliminary ridership numbers – more than 625,000 riders have rode the East River Route, 221,000 on the Rockaway Route, and 154,000 on the South Brooklyn Route. Weekday ridership across the three routes ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 riders.

NYC Ferry homeport construction is currently underway at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The 56,000-square-foot maintenance and storage facility will include berthing space for 25 boats, supplies and parts, and utilities, including a 40,000-gallon diesel fueling system. The homeport will also be the site for routine maintenance, including exterior and interior cleaning, restocking of food and beverage items, fueling and basic repairs. It will be fully outfitted by early 2018.

Additionally, there will be a new ferry landing at the Brooklyn Navy Yard near the homeport facility that will be part of the East River Route and is slated to start service by fall 2018.