Kellogg’s to Move Cereal Cafe Downtown

Kellogg’s is closing its cereal cafe in Times Square this Sunday and will move downtown to a bigger location later this year.

In July 2016Kellogg’s NYC cereal café opened at 1600 Broadway to promote its brand with custom bowls of cereal with various toppings and flavors.

Kellogg’s operated the cafe with its business partner, Co.create NYC, led by culinary and hospitality experts Anthony Rudolf and Sandra Di Capua. Throughout the year, Kellogg’s collaborated with numerous creative partners including renowned chefs and unexpected restaurants and culinary institutions to create unique cereal combinations and food.

The company plans to move to a larger location with more room for eating and kitchen space. It said it plans to provide an “immersive” experience for its cereal.

“We are thrilled and humbled by the response we have received with Kellogg’s NYC,” said Aleta ChaseKellogg’s Marketing Director. “We are happy to expand on the experience and look forward to making it even more amazing in downtown NYC later this year.”

On August 13Kellogg’s NYC will close its doors in Time Square to prepare for a grand opening in downtown NYC this winter. Kellogg’s will release more information details of the new location later this year.