NY Times Hires Three Business Reporters

The NY Times has hired three new business reporters over the past week. Natalie Kitroeff, Tiffany Hsu and Ben Casselman are joining Business Day according to a company blog post by Business Day Editor Ellen Pollock.

Natalie Kitroeff
Natalie Kitroeff

Natalie joins NY’s largest paper from The Los Angeles Times, where she covered the California economy. She was a finalist for this year’s Loeb Award for beat reporting. Natalie will cover the economics and heavy industry for the NY Times.

Prior to moving to L.A in 2016, Natalie spent two years covering student debt and higher education for Bloomberg. She also wrote stories for Businessweek, now owned by Bloomberg.

This will be Natalie’s second tour at The New York Times. After graduating from Princeton she was a research assistant to NY Times columnists Charles Blow and Nick Kristof.

Tiffany Hsu and Ben Casselman are also joining Business Day as reporters.

Tiffany Hsu and Ben Casselman
Tiffany Hsu and Ben Casselman

Tiffany will focus on breaking news, and will be taking on other stories and projects as well. She joins The Times from Columbia, where she finished the MBA program two weeks ago, and also completed a Knight-Bagehot fellowship.

Ellen Pollock, editor of Biz Day, writes in a note to staff about Tiffany’s appointment: “As far as I can tell, Tiffany has written about everything, from drones to retail to restaurants to trucks to M&A to personal finance–the list goes on and on. Before moving to New York in 2015, she worked at The Los Angeles Times, covering the California economy, retail and the food and beverage business. (Not all at once.)”

Ben joins The Times from FiveThirtyEight, where he is a senior editor and chief economics writer. He’s written about income inequality, education, criminal justice and the last presidential election. He helped lead the site’s “Gun Deaths in America” project, which was the recipient of several awards, including one from the Society of News Design.

Before joining FiveThirtyEight, Ben worked at The Wall Street Journal, both in Dallas and New York. His coverage of the Deepwater Horizon disaster was a finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in national reporting and won a Loeb award.

Pollock writes, “Ben started his career at the Salem News, in Massachusetts. Among other things, he covered a controversial project to erect a statue of Samantha Stephens, the character played by Elizabeth Montgomery in the ‘Bewitched’ TV show. Here’s a lead from one of his stories in 2005: “Maybe they won’t fly in on broomsticks, but by plane, train, and automobile, fans of  ’Bewitched’ will soon be sweeping into the Witch City.” I know he’ll be thrilled I’ve mentioned that here.”

Ben will continue to do data and analytical stories about economics, as well as other business topics. And he’ll collaborate with other reporters on data-driven storytelling.