Yahoo Finance to Hold Markets Summit in NYC

NEW YORK — Yahoo Finance is hosting its second All Markets Summit on October 25, to be held at the Oath Times Square office in New York City at 229 W. 43rd Street. Speakers include Barry Diller and Mario Gabelli. The event will be broadcast globally via live stream on Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo was acquired by Verizon in June for $4.48 billion and is now part of the company’s subsidiary Oath.

The All Markets Summit will explore new challenges presented by the rapidly changing global economy, with a focus on one of the great economic issues of our time: the balance between globalism and the national interest. The conference will explore how CEOs, influencers, investors, and Americans as a whole can best navigate this complex and quickly evolving dynamic. Participants will also examine what this means for business and the country’s workforce in this new era of innovation, technology and change.

Yahoo Finance held its first All Markets Summit last February in NY.

Throughout the day, audiences will hear from a variety of industry-leading experts, as well as Yahoo Finance Editor in Chief Andy Serwer, on topics ranging from regulating the sharing economy to the new era of innovation. Among the confirmed participants are:

  • Barry Diller – Chairman, IAC and Expedia
  • Mario Gabelli – Chairman and CEO, GAMCO Investors
  • Adena Friedman – CEO, Nasdaq
  • Mark Bertolini – CEO, Aetna
  • Gary Bettman – Commissioner, National Hockey League
  • Don Garber – Commissioner, Major League Soccer
  • Arne Sorenson – CEO, Marriott International
  • Reuben Jeffery – CEO, Rockefeller & Co.
  • Sallie Krawcheck – CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest
  • Julie Sweet – CEO, Accenture
  • Rick Rieder – Global Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income, BlackRock
  • Michelle Girard – Managing Director and Chief U.S. Economist, NatWest Markets
  • Susan Lyne – Managing Partner, BBG Ventures
  • Abby Joseph Cohen – Senior Investment Strategist, Goldman Sachs
  • Mark Zandi – Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics
  • Mike Wilson – Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, Morgan Stanley
  • Eva Zlotnicka – Sustainable + Responsible Investment Research, Morgan Stanley
  • David Schleicher – Professor, Yale Law School
  • Blythe Masters – CEO, Digital Asset Holdings
  • Janet Tang – Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Lenovo
  • Doug Peebles – Partner, Chief Investment Officer Fixed Income, AllianceBernstein
  • Richard Madigan – Chief Investment Officer, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Doug Holtz-Eakin – Former CBO Director and President, American Action Forum
  • Greg Valliere – Chief Global Strategist, Horizon Investments
  • Hisham Ezz Al-Arab – Chairman and Managing Director, Commercial Int’l Bank (Egypt)
  • Arun Sundararajan – Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, NYU Stern School of Business

“We’ve seen a huge demand for live video programming on Yahoo Finance, with audience numbers growing more than 400% year-over-year,” said Serwer. “With the success of our inaugural All Markets Summit earlier this year, drawing more than 2.6 million live views and 13.5 million total views, we’re excited to bring the second installment of this new conference franchise to our highly engaged audience of investors. As the worldwide leader in digital business and financial news, it’s the perfect platform to lead a live conversation about the relationship between globalism and the national interest.”