Walmart to Monitor Worker Temperatures

Walmart CEO and President John Furner announced that the company will begin taking the temperatures of employees as they report to work in Walmart stores, Sam’s Club stores and other facilities, as well as asking them some basic health screening questions. The company is now sending infrared thermometers to all locations, which could take up to three weeks.

Any Walmart or Sam’s Club employee with a temperature of 100.0 degrees will be paid for reporting to work and asked to return home and seek medical treatment if necessary. The employee will not be able to return to work until they are fever-free for at least three days.

There are 4,756 Walmart stores in the U.S. and 599 Sam’s Club locations.

The company also said it will allow employees to wear masks and gloves to work if they choose. The masks will arrive at stores in 1-2 weeks. They will be high-quality masks according to the company, but not N95 respirators that are being used by healthcare workers.

Any Walmart employee that wants to wear a mask or gloves at work should ask their supervisor for them, while keeping in mind that it is still possible to spread germs while wearing them.