NS1 Closes $125 Million Series D

NEW YORK — NS1, a leader in modern application and access networking, last month raised a $40 million Series D venture round led by Energy Impact Partners (EIP) with participation from existing investors, bringing the company’s total funding to $125 million. The investment will support the company’s continued innovation and development of modern foundational technologies that power the connected economy.

Though IT modernization trends were well established, recent events have highlighted the importance of high-performing resilient applications and the critical infrastructure technology that supports them. With legacy internet and networking solutions under strain during the COVID-19 pandemic, NS1’s software-defined solutions provided the flexibility and scalability to keep its customers resilient and people connecting, streaming, innovating, and moving the world forward.

NS1 said it started 2020 with an influx of new customers. In the first quarter, new customer bookings grew 159% year over year. The company now serves more than 600 enterprise customers, including many of the largest brands and most trafficked applications, such as LinkedIn, Dropbox, Salesforce, The Guardian, TomTom, and Pitney Bowes.

“There is heightened urgency to expedite IT modernization. Five-year projects are being condensed to one-year, and the only way to deliver on these aggressive timelines is by unlocking leverage in foundational application and networking infrastructure,” said Kris Beevers, co-founder and CEO for NS1. “This additional investment at a time of rapid growth at NS1 helps us capitalize on the market opportunity to meet the escalating demand for the modern foundational technologies used by every business, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing environments, more effectively control costs, and deliver reliable, secure, and exceptional user experiences.”