New Food Kitchen in NY Just for Dogs

A fancy new gourmet food kitchen in NY has just opened — and it’s only for dogs!

Petco has opened its first-ever in-store pet food kitchen at the chain’s flagship store in New York’s Union Square. The kitchen is in partnership with JustFoodForDogs.

The kitchen – which will prepare fresh, human-grade pet food daily – marks a new milestone in a partnership the two industry-leading brands launched in May 2018 and joins JustFoodForDogs’ existing lineup of stand-alone kitchens in CaliforniaSeattle and others currently under construction in Boston and Chicago.

“We’re thrilled to introduce New York’s first fresh pet food kitchen and mark the beginning of our national expansion with our first kitchen location on the East Coast,” said Shawn Buckley, founder of JustFoodForDogs. “Our partnership with Petco has allowed us to increase our national footprint, and with this new location, we’re making it easier to access our freshly-prepared meals, custom diet plans, health supplements and more.”

In 2010, JustFoodForDogs launched the fresh food movement for pets with the opening of their first public kitchen, where trained chefs cook fresh, human-grade food exclusively for pets. Dedicated to increasing the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through a balanced whole food diet, JustFoodForDogs offers the only food on the market proven healthy by two independent universities, who conducted year-long feeding trials proving their recipes boost the immune system of dogs in a healthy way.

On track to be the largest purchaser of ground venison in the United States, JustFoodForDogs has upended the nearly $30 billion pet food industry by creating a new market for fresh, human-grade pet food. Serving more than 40 million meals annually, JustFoodForDogs is taking their West Coast success to the East Coast in this major step to continue their national expansion.

The 1,350-square-foot open health and wellness kitchen in Petco’s newly-remodeled Union Square store will feature state-of-the-art stainless-steel appliances with JustFoodForDogs trained chefs hand-preparing the signature recipes. Similar to JustFoodForDogs’ existing kitchens, it will produce 2,000 pounds of food daily, seven days a week.

“The ability to provide fresh, made-before-your-eyes pet food with real, unprocessed human-grade ingredients is game-changing, both for Petco and for the pets and pet parents we serve,” said Petco Co-Chief Merchandising Officer Nick Konat. “This launch truly brings to life our bold nutrition standards, and serves as another proof point in our steadfast commitment to only offering foods we believe support the overall health and wellness of pets. We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with JustFoodForDogs and excited to bring the amazing products and experience they provide to more pet parents than ever before.”

The most popular JustFoodForDogs meals include combinations such as beef and russet potato; chicken and white rice; turkey and whole wheat macaroni and more, as well as a line of therapeutic diets prescribed by veterinarians to treat common pet health conditions such as food and environmental allergies. Also available are grab-n-go snacks such as dehydrated chicken breast and beef flank steak, along with the brand’s lineup of vitamins and supplements. Along with Petco’s knowledgeable store partners, nutritional consultants from JustFoodForDogs will be in-store to guide pet parents in selecting the best options to suit the nutritional needs of their family pets.

All JustFoodForDogs offerings are created by a team of in-house veterinarians who formulate meals with fresh, whole-food ingredients that are USDA-certified for human consumption, in recipes nutritionally balanced for dogs as well as cats.  Additionally, JustFoodForDogs works directly with veterinarians to create custom diets for pets with health challenges, creating feeding plans to address canine and feline health issues such as obesity, digestive disorders, pancreatitis, diabetes and liver disease.

JustFoodForDogs products are already available at more than 1,000 Petco stores nationwide, including nearly 100 New York stores.