Charthop Raises $14 Million Series A

NEW YORK — ChartHop, which operates the world’s first organizational management platform built to help companies plan for the future, has raised $14 million in a Series A financing led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms.

The new round included participation from more than 40 C-level executives as well as Abstract Ventures, Basement Fund, CoFound Partners, Company Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, the a16z Cultural Leadership Fund, Flybridge Capital, Ride Ventures, the Todd and Rahul Angel Fund, Tokyo Black, SemperVirens, Shrug Capital and Work Life Ventures.

ChartHop plans to use the latest funding to expand its platform built to eradicate manual HR tasks and empower leaders to make data-driven decisions.

ChartHop helps companies by centralizing and visualizing the people data leaders need to effectively manage their organization, such as location, gender, salary, stock grants, job history and more, through seamless integrations with existing people systems. At the same time, ChartHop gives every employee visibility into how they fit into the organization’s goals making cross-functional collaboration easier than ever before, and provides leaders with a platform to collaborate and iterate on plans for their future.

“Technology has optimized every aspect of a business except one: its people,” said Ian White, founder, CEO and CTO of ChartHop. “Leaders have accepted this as the status quo, but now businesses are under more scrutiny than ever before. From supporting remote teams amidst economic crisis to championing equality following nationwide protests, all eyes are turning to HR, yet many lack the tools they need to be effective. ChartHop is the strategic advantage people leaders need to thrive during these unprecedented circumstances, and prepare their businesses for a future where infamously manual tasks are over and data is at the center of every decision.”

“ChartHop ties together an organization’s broken systems of record and historical data in a visual way that not only benefits HR, but everyone at the company,” said David Ulevitch, general partner at a16z. “We made an initial seed investment in ChartHop knowing it was a much-needed solution in a $148 billion market, but the ensuing events in 2020 have made ChartHop even more essential. As organizations adjust business plans and maintain an engaged workforce while remote, we are confident ChartHop will become, and remain, a necessity for any business leader trying to scale.”