Prospr Raises $3.2 Million Seed Funding

NEW YORK — Prospr, a platform revolutionizing frontline (deskless) workforce management, has completed an oversubscribed seed fundraising round of  $3.2 million. The seed funding was led by Bonfire Ventures and joined by Quiet Capital and Animo Ventures.

Prospr plans to use the capital to enhance its suite of offerings, expand its customer base, as well as scale infrastructure to support continued growth, following the company’s 500% revenue growth in 2021.

Known as the ‘one employee app to replace the rest’, Prospr offers businesses the opportunity to centralize employee needs like scheduling, time & attendance, real-time communication, facilities, and learning through customizable modules in a singular app. Prospr customers, on average, consolidate 4 previous softwares into one, with 50% of Prospr customers moving their frontline communication from Slack and 43% of customers migrating their intranets for employees from Google Docs.

Eric Phelan, Co-Founder and CTO, credits Prospr’s success to “the power of data with empathy-driven design” and Prospr customers agree; “Prospr has helped us make big improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of our day-to-day gym operations,” said Roger Harvey, CEO of TSI/New York Sports Clubs. “We’re able to support and connect with our employees like never before.”

The company plans to take on the world’s 2.7 billion deskless workers, which represent 80% of the global workforce. With many of the employees on the platform being hourly – without a work email or overlapping schedules – providing one platform for teams to engage is crucial. Workers in the post-pandemic labor market are also increasingly demanding schedule flexibility, real-time communication, transparency, and opportunities for recognition & growth, which Prospr provides on worker’s mobile phones.

With this new funding, Prospr is looking to provide small to medium-sized business and enterprise with all encompassing employee management tools, most specifically for multi-location or franchise businesses with customer facing frontline employees.

“We’re able to build better software for operators and employees because everyone on our team has been there. I’ve been an hourly worker, I’ve been a manager, and the owner/operator,” said Erika Wasser, Prospr Co-founder and CEO. “We’re a software that powers businesses with a lot of moving parts, big goals and vulnerable workforces, the success of all parties in that ecosystem is our priority and we’re excited to keep building.”