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Albany Times-Union Reports 30,000 Digital Subscribers

The Times-Union, a newspaper covering the Capital District and Hudson Valley, announced it has surpassed 30,000 paying subscribers for digital access to its website.

The newspaper is owned by the Hearst Corporation which also owns several Connecticut newspapers as well as the San Francisco Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News.

The Times-Union attributes its recent growth to its coverage of former Governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned in 2021 due to sexual harassment claims. The paper has also expanded its coverage south of Albany to the Hudson Valley as well as north in Saratoga County. It also hired a new data investigations team.

“Local journalism matters: It informs, enforces accountability and, when appropriate, entertains,” said Casey Seiler, editor-in-chief of the Times Union. “The type of impactful watchdog reporting that we do at the Times Union wouldn’t be possible without our subscribers. We take the trust of our readers seriously, and the resources they provide by subscribing are being put to good use.”