NewsWhip Secures $13 Million in Funding

NewsWhip, with offices in New York and Dublin, Ireland, announced that it has secured $13 million in funding from London-based AshGrove Capital.

NewsWhip gives communications professionals and journalists clarity on the chaos of digital and social media. Its technology tracks which stories and narratives are gaining momentum in real time – and predicts which ones will matter in the hours ahead. Rather than artificial intelligence, NewsWhip’s platform enables “extended intelligence” – allowing communications and media professionals to make better decisions and be more efficient with their time.

“We’re excited to bring AshGrove Capital on board as investors,” says NewsWhip CEO Paul Quigley. “Their team recognizes the transformation underway in the communication profession, and the unique position NewsWhip has in enabling that transformation. We share a vision where NewsWhip is the real-time eyes and ears of every sophisticated comms department in the world.”

Ilkka Rantanen, Co-Founder and Partner at AshGrove Capital, said: “The challenges NewsWhip helps solve for their customers are becoming more topical for global organizations and critical for real-time responsiveness. Our investment perfectly aligns with the company’s technology-led approach to offer a unique and innovative solution in a growing market, and we look forward to supporting the Company to further enable communication professionals to be more focused, prepared and reactive to global news events.”

The funding will allow NewsWhip to accelerate its mission to identify and predict the news, narratives, and ideas that shape the world each day for users including Google, Meta, The New York Times, Samsung, and the BBC.

NewsWhip anticipates a 50 percent increase in employees from 2022 to 2024.