McDonald’s Opens Times Square Flagship

McDonald’s has opened a brand new flagship restaurant located at 1528 Broadway on the corner of 48th and Broadway in midtown Manhattan.

Like other McDonald’s restaurants in NY, this one is also open 24 hours and serves Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and french fries.

Designed by Landini Associates and  architecture by Progressive AE, this new McDonald’s flagship adopts a more composed and at the same time bold approach to restaurant design, creating a calm environment. The three-story glass curtain wall provides customers with spectacular dining room views out into the heart of Times Square. Customers will notice hints of gold and red to celebrate the McDonald’s brand with a modern twist.

The new restaurant also features many new technologies available now or coming soon to McDonald’s restaurants across the country including table service, mobile order and pay along with 18 self-serve ordering kiosks.

Here are some facts about McDonald’s newest flagship restaurant:

  • The 11,199 sq ft building will be one of the busiest McDonald’s in the United States
  • 3 levels of floor-to-ceiling glass provides spectacular views into the heart of Times Square
  • Our 9,280 sq ft billboard is the 3rd-largest in Times Square
  • 18 digital kiosks, Guest Experience Leaders and table service await guests
  • 173 seats in a variety of arrangements adapt to customer preferences
The inside of McDonald’s new flagship restaurant. (Source: McDonald’s)