Lululemon Buys NY-Based Mirror for $500 Million

Lululemon, maker of athleticwear, has agreed to acquire MIRROR, an in-home fitness company based in NY that features live and on-demand classes with its two-way mirror screen, for a purchase price of $500 million.

MIRROR’s primary product is a device that sells for $1,495 and can be placed in your home, apartment or almost anywhere you choose. It features a 40-inch LCD with speakers and wi-fi. It includes a 5 megapixel front-facing camera and weighs 70 pounds.

A monthly subscription of $39 gives users access to weekly live classes and thousands of on-demand workouts as well as immersive one-on-one personal training. MIRROR has seen rapid growth and strong engagement since it launched in 2018 as demand for in-home fitness offerings continue to increase significantly.

Calvin McDonald, lululemon Chief Executive Officer, said, “In 2019, we detailed our vision to be the experiential brand that ignites a community of people living the sweatlife through sweat, grow and connect. The acquisition of MIRROR is an exciting opportunity to build upon that vision, enhance our digital and interactive capabilities, and deepen our roots in the sweatlife. We look forward to learning from and working with Brynn Putnam and the team at MIRROR to accelerate the growth of personalized in-home fitness.”

This transaction builds on a successful partnership between the two companies, which began in mid-2019 with an initial investment in MIRROR by lululemon, and also includes a content partnership which brought sweat and meditation classes to the MIRROR platform by lululemon’s Global Ambassadors. This acquisition will further expand the content creation partnership between the two brands and will help lululemon, MIRROR and lululemon Ambassadors reach new guests.

Brynn Putnam, founder and chief executive officer of MIRROR, and a former lululemon Ambassador said, “We are thrilled to officially become a part of the lululemon family. As part of lululemon, MIRROR can further strengthen its position and accelerate its growth by leveraging lululemon’s deep relationships with its guests, ambassadors and communities, as well as the company’s infrastructure, including its store network and ecommerce channels, to acquire new users.”