Eden Health Scores $60 Million Series C

NEW YORK — Concierge healthcare service Eden Health announced it has raised $60 million in Series C funding led by investor Insight Partners, with participation from Amigos Health, Aspect Ventures, Company VenturesFlare Capital, Flexcap Ventures, Max Ventures and PJC, which brings the company’s total funding to $100 million.

The new capital will be used to expand its brick-and-mortar medical office footprint to several new major U.S. metropolitan areas, and build new features that allow for integrations of third-party healthcare services.

Launched in 2017, Eden Health is a concierge healthcare provider offered through employers and commercial real estate building landlords. Eden Health combines telehealth, in-person primary care, behavioral health, insurance navigation, and overlays it with ‘medical home‘ methods resulting in a considerably better experience for patients. Patients use a simple chat and video interface to reach their Care Team 24/7 and should those patients need an in-person visit, they would see the same Care Team. This allows employees and their family members to receive continuous, proactive care with clinicians who have historical knowledge of their health, creating a trusted relationship.

A model where a dedicated Care Team quarterbacks each member’s care journey can seem radical to anyone who has experienced the U.S. healthcare system. Most of us experience healthcare as a series of isolated care encounters with various care specialties, with clinicians who rarely communicate or collaborate with each other. Patients shoulder the burden of finding care providers and navigating complex health insurance policies. Care providers are often incentivized to see as many patients as possible, limiting in-person doctor-patient encounters to just a few minutes on average.

For many of us born and raised in this system, these service levels can seem normal and expected. Eden Health aims to rebuild trust in the healthcare system by moving the patient to the center of a team-based preventative care model, taking responsibility for each patient’s care journey and incentivizing employers to pay membership fees that are offset by savings on the total cost of care for their employees.

“Matt and Scott were early in identifying the integration of primary care, mental health care, and insurance navigation as a major driver in improving overall quality of care and the patient experience for average healthcare consumers,” said Richard Wells, Managing Director, Insight Partners. “Restoring trust in healthcare will be catalyzed in part by transforming the patient experience from one that is transactional to one that is rooted in relationship and proactive care. We look forward to supporting Eden Health as it expands its national footprint and begins to reach employees everywhere.”

Eden Health says it has experienced substantial growth in 2020. Recurring revenues grew by 800 percent year-over-year as Eden expanded to now cover 40,000 sponsored members. Employer adoption was sped in part by Eden’s COVID-19 response. At the onset of the pandemic, Eden quickly developed a way to screen employees to allow essential workers to remain at work.