Equinox to Hire 5,000 Personal Trainers

NEW YORK — Equinox, which operates over 100 high-end fitness clubs in NY and major cities, announced plans to hire 5,000 trainers or Performance Coaches over the next two years.

Equinox continues to experience unprecedented growth in its member community, and its members are engaging in the Equinox lifestyle more than ever. To meet the rapidly growing demand for Personal Training, Equinox is prioritizing this hiring initiative in addition to curating partnerships and creating development programs that foster the growth of its Performance Coaches.

“People around the world want to live a high-performance lifestyle, and the desire to be a part of the Equinox community has never been stronger. To support our members, we are making a bold commitment of hiring 5,000 Performance Coaches, investing in their training and education, and developing new Personal Training programs to help our members achieve extraordinary results,” says Scott DeRue, President, Equinox.

Equinox Personal Training offers members a unique and science-based approach to elevating their performance and achieving their desired results. All Equinox Performance Coaches are certified by a nationally-accredited program, which ensures foundational knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, and performance protocols. In addition, Equinox is partnering with Lionel University to create a new certification program that will offer uncertified candidates an accelerated pathway into Equinox’s training and development programs. The cost of the accredited certification and training is fully covered by Equinox to enable qualified talent to become an Equinox Performance Coach. All Performance Coaches then continue their personal and professional development through a comprehensive curriculum offered by Equinox’s one-of-a-kind Equinox Fitness Training Institute.

Equinox is also announcing a partnership with Hiring Our Heroes, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation nationwide initiative to help veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities. The partnership will offer military community members the opportunity to become an Equinox Performance Coach, including full scholarships to attain their certification coupled with ongoing training and development through the Equinox Fitness Training Institute.

“Equinox’s partnership with Hiring Our Heroes underscores our commitment to building a strong, diversified workforce. We are honored to empower the military community with economic opportunities through our Performance Coaching Programs that enable personal and professional growth,” says Alim Dhanji, EVP and Chief People Officer, Equinox Group.