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Gravity Opens Flagship Charging Center in Midtown Manhattan

NEW YORKGravity, the New York-headquartered electric vehicle charging startup, was joined by NYSERDA, Con Edison, Related Companies, Congressman Jerrold Nadler and City officials to open its flagship Midtown Manhattan EV charging center to the public, bringing the fastest charging in the US to the heart of its biggest city. Gravity’s equipment is capable of charging at a rate of 2,400 miles per hour, equivalent to 200 miles of range in just five minutes.

After months of extensive testing with commercial fleets, all EV owners and major fleet operators will now have access to Gravity’s 24 500kW charging systems at the indoor parking garage located at 401 West 42nd Street, which is a partnership with Related Companies. The charging systems are ceiling-mounted within the footprint of existing parking spaces, no additional space required. Zero utility upgrades were made to the building or surrounding grid—making this installation easily replicable at any parking site across the country.

Certified by UL Solutions and backed by GV (Google Ventures), Gravity’s complete line of 500kW Distributed Energy Access Points (DEAPs) will rapidly accelerate American EV adoption and the green transition of the electrical grid with equipment that is faster than any competitor, including Tesla, and so compact that they can be deployed in any indoor or outdoor setting.

Gravity’s customer experience is more convenient, and less expensive, than a gas station, with charging in minutes and low energy costs:

  • Charging is available 7 days a week with on-site attendants
  • 90-times faster than comparably-sized “Level 2” chargers deployed in most garages
  • Future proof: Faster charging than any car currently on the US market can accept. For the first time, the only charging limitation is in the auto manufacturers’ choice of battery.
  • 24 charging stalls, with more expected at the site soon, so drivers never have to wait for open equipment.
  • User-friendly plug-in and charge with auto authentication for all vehicle types and no interface required.
  • Tap-and-go payment for on-demand charging with no appointment necessary.
  • Extended parking is available after charging in the adjacent parking facility.
  • Bidirectional-ready, with equipment engineered to send battery power back to the building and grid

“Automakers love to tout their EVs’ top driving speed, but what matters more than anything for drivers is how fast a car can charge.  Our technology that can provide a car with 40 miles of range in just a minute of charging. With these speeds, we can push the entire industry to vehicles with faster-charging batteries,” said Moshe Cohen, CEO of Gravity Inc. “Charging is just one aspect of our DEAPs. With cars connected to DEAPs wherever they are parked, we can usher in a new, clean, inexpensive and flexible electricity network where the EV owners have control of their power.  We are ready to scale and start a very exciting EV revolution.”

“We congratulate Gravity on the grand opening of its Charging Center which represents the next evolution in access to fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicle drivers.  Gravity’s innovative charging technology is a market changer that will allow the public in one of the largest and busiest cities in the world the ability to ‘charge and go’ more quickly thereby providing a more enjoyable driving experience,” said Richard Kauffman, Chair, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Gravity’s Distributed Energy Access Points function as EV chargers but are capable of much more. They directly interface with other sources and uses of power and augment electrical grids, flexibly stabilizing and allocating power to prevent costly new demand spikes and eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Gravity’s innovations enable it to onboard large-scale fast charging without straining the grid and often without any need for utility upgrades —overcoming a fundamental barrier facing the industry, especially as the grid transitions to intermittent renewable energy.

The Manhattan Plaza location is Gravity’s first full public deployment of equipment with many additional sites already in development. Gravity now has the capacity to manufacture and deploy thousands of chargers per year to sites that it operates.