Verizon Using AI to Improve Customer Service

NEW YORK – Verizon is looking to improve the customer experience through new Generative AI tools that are reimagining and improving the way the company serves its customers. In recent months, Verizon has been developing – and deploying – human-assisted GenAI applications to simplify experiences and help make every interaction a positive one.

These new tools make it simple to do business with Verizon and help reduce the cognitive load on store and customer service partners. These tools are designed with human in the loop – to work alongside our customers and frontlines as a personal “guide” to get to the best answers and offers available. Most importantly, these tools allow Verizon representatives on the frontlines to build meaningful relationships with customers, because every interaction matters. New tools include:

Seamless experiences

  • Personal Research Assistant: Verizon’s personal assistant technology is helping our frontline teams review thousands of resources to provide employees with the information they need to assist customers quickly and accurately, and personalized based on their unique needs. The improvements are already evident. Employees are now able to answer nearly all (95%) of customer inquiries, and our answer accuracy rate continues to increase.
  • “Fast Pass” to resolution: To help save customers’ valuable time, Verizon is using AI to intelligently pair them with the best available customer care representative to meet their specific needs. AI’s match-making advantage for our support teams helps improve the experience by making the best human connection. This means that if a customer is calling about a specific question related to their international service, that customer will be paired with our best expert on international travel options, rather than a generalist. AND, that representative will see them through to a positive resolution.
  • Best-in-class digital and in-store experiences

    • Personal Shopper/Problem Solver: Working alongside employees as a customer’s personal shopper and problem solver, Verizon is using AI to instantly analyze a customer’s profile and help employees get a head start on who the customer is and why they may be calling. This allows them to provide answers, offers, experiences and products that speak to the customers’ needs with ease, accuracy and efficiency. With the personal shopper and problem solver working in the background, Verizon has already cut the customer transaction time down by two to four minutes.
    • “Segment of Me:” AI is helping us treat each customer in a highly personalized manner by providing unique offers and products that are tailored exclusively for them – what we call a “segment of me.” From new plans, product offers, service upgrades and more, AI is accurately and proactively identifying what a customer may be looking for and enabling agile, consistent experiences no matter where they shop. With this type of proactive work, Verizon has increased the engagement with our customers and lowered churn.

    “We’re on a journey to provide a premium experience during every interaction because we know it matters to our customers,” said Brian Higgins, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Verizon Consumer. “We connect roughly 99% of the population and they count on us to handle everything from making calls and sending texts, to purchasing new tech, billing questions or checking out new products in our stores. We understand that every interaction is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. AI is helping us not just meet expectations, but exceed them by showing our customers we’ve got their back at every turn.”

    Verizon says its teams are already starting to see meaningful increases in customer satisfaction and improved engagement across all sales and service channels, from fixing pain points and providing signature experiences, to creating best-in-class digital channels, and driving simplicity and transparency across all touch points.