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Mount Sinai Residence Hall in Manhattan Completes Renovations

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has completed a major renovation and beautification project at its Resident Hall on the West Side of Manhattan. Located at 515 West 59th Street, Vista West, as it is now known, has undergone several improvements to provide a more attractive and enjoyable living environment for medical trainees.

“We are delighted to have transformed this building into a luxury apartment complex comparable to neighboring market-rate buildings. Over the past two years, we’ve made substantive improvements that encompassed a complete large-scale renovation of the tenant spaces to provide a more enjoyable living environment for our hard-working medical trainees,” says Tom Ahn, Vice President, Real Estate Division, Mount Sinai Health System.

According to Mr. Ahn, residents and fellows at Mount Sinai are able to live at Vista West; use its new fitness center; play in the large, enclosed courtyard with their children; and enjoy a convenient 5- to 45-minute commute to work, depending on their assigned hospital location. Vista West houses approximately 350 residents and fellows who work in a variety of clinical programs across the Health System.

A new fitness center is located off the building’s lobby and includes cardio equipment, free weights, a yoga space, and an Echelon mirror that allow users to join live workout sessions. It is open 24 hours a day, every day, and accessible to employees who have an active key fob.

Renovations to the courtyard include new picket fencing, additional lighting, and new signage. Other exterior renovations include the addition of new wrought-iron fencing, an attractive new entry gate, and an improved entry system with a doorman intercom station.

Beautification of the lobby includes new terrazzo flooring, a new lobby desk with matching cherry column paneling, new furniture, and new LED lighting. The elevators have been modernized to include new cabs and controllers, touchless call buttons, security cameras, and new lighting and flooring.

The apartments feature new cabinetry, countertops, laminate flooring, and baseboards. The bathrooms have been upgraded with reglazed bathtubs, improved lighting, and new medicine cabinets.

“I have been very pleased with my stay here,” says Mount Sinai Internal Medicine resident Victor Zibara, MD, who has lived at Vista West for three years.

“I believe the best parts of living at 515 are the proximity to work at Mount Sinai West, the great location on the Upper West Side, subway stops, and Hell’s Kitchen. I also enjoy living in the same building with friends and coworkers. Most importantly, the competitive pricing offered by 515 cannot be matched.”

Upcoming renovations will include a new community room and a new study room, both to be located on the second floor. Outside, plans are scheduled to create a new outdoor community space and a new bike storage area.