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Thoughtly Lands $3 Million Seed Round

NEW YORK — Thoughtly, a startup building AI voice agents for contact centers, has secured a $3 million funding round with participation from Afore Capital, Greycroft, Expansion, and others. With their innovative approach to customer phone calls, Thoughtly is poised to disrupt the CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) space and revolutionize the way businesses approach customer service interactions.

Thoughtly’s platform leverages generative AI technology to deploy AI phone agents for inbound and outbound phone calls, drastically transforming the traditional model of contact centers and enhancing efficiency for businesses.

About 18 months ago, OpenAI’s ChatGPT shook the industry. Since then, CCaaS and Conversational AI providers have struggled to integrate generative AI into their legacy platforms. In April, the chief executive of Tata Consultancy Services predicted that “artificial intelligence will result in minimal need for call centres in as soon as a year.”

Enter Thoughtly. Born in the generative AI era, Thoughtly is redefining what CCaaS means, routing calls to AI agents instead of humans. Unlike CCaaS providers who rely on maintaining human agents to sustain their revenue, Thoughtly offers a more efficient, scalable and cost-effective solution for businesses.

“We are at a crucial juncture in our industry,” says Torrey, CEO of Thoughtly. “Traditional CCaaS providers like Five9 and Genesys have focused on maximizing productivity from human agents, leading to high rates of job dissatisfaction and burnout. This has resulted in an alarming 45% annual churn rate for agents, leaving businesses struggling to staff their phone lines and customers frustrated with long wait times.”

Thoughtly’s cutting-edge platform offers a transformative solution to these pain points by replacing human agents with AI voice agents, freeing businesses from the constraints of traditional models that rely on costly and overworked human agents. By deploying AI agents in just 17 minutes, Thoughtly significantly reduces operational costs and enhances service quality and responsiveness, ushering customer engagement into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the key differentiators for Thoughtly is their no-code, drag-and-drop interface, which allows even non-technical users to easily deploy and manage AI agents. This puts the power of AI technology into the hands of businesses of all sizes and industries.